Google Virtual Tours


2012 was an exciting year.

Our team has shot and published over 100 Google Tours using Google's awesome Street View Technology.

For us, the best part of being a Google Trusted Photographer has been the priveledge to experience and share local Indiana businesses with the rest of the world.

Indiana is not just a crossroad, but it's a place worth checking out.

When we think about our work in 2012, we don't think of numbers or personal accomplishments, but instead, we think of the dog-loving, open and honest, Barbara Munchel at the Cigar Haven. We think of the Hot Pink Gorilla Suit worn by Fat Atom's Creative Director. We think of Roy at Mudbugs and how his Crawfish Casserole and Beignets make me want to bring them both to a party and say, "I made that". We think of the volunteer-powered bookstore, Bloomington knows as Boxcar Books. We think of St. Elmo's and how they embraced us, believed in us and were just down right nice.

Those thoughts are how we determined that 2012 was one damn good year.

Don't judge a business by their curb appeal because it's really what's on the inside that counts and I'm not referring to tables and chairs, but rather the owners and crew... they are what makes a place so special.

Here are 10 of our favorite Google Tours from 2012 & here's to experiencing many more Indy businesses in 2013!

 Indiana Google Business View Participants:


  1. Bluebeard {Indianapolis, Indiana}
  2. BoxCar Books {Bloomington, Indiana}
  3. Carniceria Guanajuato {Indianapolis, Indiana}
  4. Soldiers' & Sailors' Monument{Indianapolis, Indiana}
  5. Fat Atom Marketing {Carmel, Indiana}
  6. Mudbugs Cajun Cafe{Carmel, Indiana}
  7. St. Elmo's 1933 Lounge{Indianapolis, Indiana}
  8. Bremen Castings {Bremen, Indiana}
  9. Sun King Brewing Co. {Indianapolis, Indiana}
  10. Second Helpings {Indianapolis, Indiana}

"If I cannot smoke cigars in heaven, I shall not go!" -Mark Twain

Go to the Cigar Haven instead.

The Cigar Haven @ 11017 Allisonville Road, Fishers, IN  (317) 577-1005 ‎ ·

Just like Cheers, the Cigar Haven is a place where everybody will know your name. 

This little place of refuge offers cigars of all kinds, beer, snacks, wifi, plush leather seating, and satellite television.

Upon arrival you will also have the pleasure of meeting Barbara (manager) and her photogenic English Bulldog, Mouse.

If you're afraid of dogs, don't be with this one. Mouse is as sweet as winning floor seats at a NBA Finals game (Go, Thunder!) and Barbara is everybody's cool adoptive mother. She'll smoke with you, feed you, serve you a beer, and talk shop. She is AWESOME and we are delighted to not only call her our client, but now a friend. 

We'll be seeing her soon to help her set up her Facebook page!