America... F*** Yeah! (Our Time @ Bremen Castings, INC)

Living amongst the Amish and small town folk in Bremen, Indiana is Bremen Castings, This Country's most cutting edge machine shop and foundry. 

If you are a man (or my kind of woman), who happens to stumble inside their doors, your first reaction would be to grunt. Not just any grunt. A grunt of greatness, one that is deep and says, "This. Is. Awesome". 

These Hoosiers work hard. They're covered in black dust and sweat, swinging hammers with sparks painting the air like fireworks, and pouring "lava" in to iron-giant sized buckets, but  some things HAVE changed since 1939. Now, the 12 foot tall robotic arms work side by side with man; lifting, cutting, & welding. iPads grace several work stations with exclusive production apps. Something about a soot-covered factory worker with a twelve inch beard who uses a touch screen on a slick new Apple product is humorously beautiful.

Their workers are the backbone and foundation of Bremen Castings who all do their jobs together, as a team in-sync. Their choreography is truly something to commend. They all laugh, smile, shake hands, and literally watch each other's backs. Safety first at BCI.  I bet they all grab beers together after closing time, too. There's no denying that these folks LOVE THEIR JOB.

This factory in small town Indiana, is living breathing proof that you can not judge a book by it's cover. Bremen Castings, soon to be the most "awesome" virtual tour on Google maps. Made in America... F*** yeah!

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