Google Tours in Fountain Square


The Fountain Square Theatre Building is too good for the common "like" on Facebook and deserves intimate late night, overnight, and any night rendezvous on a regular. 

If Pulp Fiction took place in Indy, I can imagine Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace sitting in a red booth telling each other bad tomato jokes over a Not-Five-Dollar Milkshake. 

It just has that kind of vibe… an oldie but goodie, too cool for school, Team Fonzy, kind of vibe.


The vibe isn't just limited to the FSQ building either, the entire Fountain Square district has the exact same swag. <- Yeah, I said it. FSQ is even throwing their first annual Music Fest this summer!

When visiting the Fountain Square Theatre Building, there are a few things you must do (Not necessarily in this order):

Explore Google Tour: Go Swing Dancing At The Theatre

Explore Google Tour: BBQ At The Smokehouse

Explore Google Tour: Drinks with Brian @ Imbibe

Explore Google Tour: Duckpin Bowling @ Atomic  & Action Bowl

Explore Google Tour: Overnight Stay @ Fountain View Inn

Explore Google Tour: Breakfast @ End Of The Line Public House

Other Worthy FSQ Places to Check Out:

The above Tours & Images were photographed by Cassandra & Damian of You Are Here Photography |

Blog By: Cassandra S.

The | Indiana War Memorial's Google Virtual Tour

“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”  -G.K. Chesterton

You Are Here Photography, Indiana's #1 Photography Team for Google Business View had the pleasure of shooting a Google Tour for one of Indiana's most beloved places, the Indiana War Memorial.

Established in 1919 as the National HQ's of the American Legion and to serve as a memorial to our Nation's Veterans, this place is  jam packed with history and it's free for everyone to enjoy.

I must admit, some of the injured mannequins decked out in soldier uniforms with bloody gauze wrapped around their head was a little creepy, but it was war after all.

I believe their intent was not to glorify battle, but to remind us of the sacrifices our past and future veterans have made and will make.

Thanks for reminding me, War Memorial and the next Mr./Ms. Veteran I see, I will hold out my hand for a shake and thank them for keeping my family safe.

So, if you're searching through Nuvo trying to find something "Cool" to do, go school yourself at the Indiana War Memorial.

Have fun, learn something new, and pay some respect without having to pay any dollars.

Visit the Indiana War Memorial, now a Virtual Tour on Google.

When visiting, there are a few key places you should check out:


1. The Shrine

2. The Cobra Attack Helicopter

3. The Auditorium

4. Their Donation Drop

Blog By: Cassandra S. - Indiana's First Google Trusted Photographer