Day 1 of the official "launch".

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Now that we are officially listed on Google's website (Here), I felt it was time to test the waters. Since I'm already in Carmel, I figured... why not? It's quaint, progressive, creative, friendly, and with gas on the rise, Carmel seemed like the perfect place to start.

Mind you, I'm not a sales person. The most I've ever tried to sell was a wine upgrade back when I waited tables, so this is a whole new world to me. I had to remind myself that I'm not pushing a product, but rather an innovative tool that will change the way online viewers see the world and how business owners do business. Once I gave myself this pep talk, I threw on my Google Shirt, grabbed some business cards and set out on foot into unfamiliar territory.

The result? Carmel embraced this tool... and me.

What a great way to end Day 1. Yay, Carmel.